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JONESJON Portable Toilet

There is nothing like having your own personal toilet that you can carry with you. It fits in your backpack or a medium-sized purse.

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A Discreet Disposable Toilet

JONESJON in Oakland, California, provides an easy-to-use, biodegradable travel toilet. While our disposable toilet is perfect for individuals prone to travel, it can also be a serious asset for anyone in need an emergency toilet. Our inflatable product fits neatly into most carry-on luggage, making it a discreet solution to your toiletry troubles.

Bathrooms aren't always available, whether on the road or stuck in the office, and sometimes a real emergency can make them downright inaccessible. Our portable toilet takes away all the potential embarrassment from these kinds of situations, and leaves you with a perfectly hygienic solution. Make sure you won't get caught with your pants down—be ready with the JONESJON.

Portable Toilet JONESJON Toilet Sealed JONESJON Toilet


There is truly nothing quite like the JONESJON. Having access to your own personal, portable toilet provides a surprising amount of freedom. You can use the restroom whenever you want to, you are no longer forced to hunt around for the nearest bathroom, and you can relieve yourself at your own discretion.

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Have an emergency disaster toilet available no matter what situation you're in.
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