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A Portable Toilet Alternative

The JONESJON offers an ideal portable bathroom option to people in Oakland, California, and beyond! Some individuals have a long history of using camping toilets, which are rarely little more than a glorified bucket, and many are far from an easy disposable toilet solution.

The JONESJON is made of a pliable plastic that is biodegradable. It's compact and lightweight, perfect to carry on the move, and ready to use no matter the emergency. Once it has been used, the contents are sealed inside—providing a clean and sanitized alternative to public restrooms or Mother Nature.

Inflate Use Seal Deflate Dispose

Ready to Go On the Go

JONESJON is absolutely easy to use. Simply remove the item from your carry bag, inflate it by mouth or using a hand pump, use it, seal the lid, and then open the valve to deflate it. After that, it's all just a matter of properly disposing of the remains at your convenience.

Elderly Man and Woman Outdoors

People Who Need Our Product

While just about anyone can use this portable toilet, we have discovered that a number of individuals and organizations can gain the full benefits from it. It is ideal for the following people:

 » Travelers & Campers
 » Hospitals & Nursing Homes
 » Emergency & Disaster Relief Organizations
 » Concerts, Fairs, & Public Events
 » Aid Organizations
 » The Military
 » Individuals In Traffic Jams

Benefits Of Our Product

No matter who you are, the JONESJON provides a bevy of benefits. While certainly far from all that our product provides, the following are advantages:

 » Lightweight
 » Environmentally Friendly
 » Avoid Using Smelly Public Toilets
 » Save Money & Time Cleaning Bed Pans
 » No Need To Wait In a Queue for Your Turn
 » Can Be Air-Dropped To Remote Sites Together With Water

Pricing and Special Orders

The JONESJON is available in a six-pack for $59.70. It takes up to 16 oz. of water, and includes tissue with each unit. We are happy to facilitate any special orders, and can sell individual JONESJONs for $9.95 apiece. The JONESJON is customizable. It could have the flag, be in military colors, bear your company logo, or any number of other options; just contact us for special pricing!

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